September 22, 2005

Shakespeare Stained Glass Links

What with the previous Shakepeare piece, I thought I would post some of the links I've found for Shakepeare themed stained glass. Surprisingly, there is not much to be found on the web.

A studio with a Shakespeare commission out of England. Looks like an interesting window, though it's hard to tell as it's a small picture on a really clunky website.

This Seven Ages of Man window for the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC, designed by Nicola d'Ascenzo. Though it seems technically adept, it also seems to lack a certain vivacity. I'd have to see the actual window. I've longed to visit the Folger.

The Shakepeare window at Memorial Hall at Harvard University. The Shakespeare window is about halfway down the page.

Other than a few simple undistinguished medallion panels, that's it. Curious.

Posted by Tom at September 22, 2005 11:13 PM