April 28, 2006

Harry Clarke at Bewley's

Harry Clarke alert!!
A page linking to a video segment about the stained glass windows Harry Clarke made for Bewley's Cafe in Dublin, Ireland. The video is smallish and grainy and it features TV-news-style commentary and is therefore a bit thin on content, but it is rare to see a 6 minute TV segment on a set of stained glass windows. The 2 minute segment at the beginning is worth the effort alone just to see the series of amazingly delicious detail shots. The details were always Clarke at his best.

Not sure when the video dates from, but at the time Bewley's was set to close. Fortunately, it was saved and the place is still run as a cafe and the windows are still available to see. I've never been there but I've long dreamed of a Harry Clarke pilgrimage to Ireland. Hurry, because video links like this usually don't stay available very long.

Posted by Tom at April 28, 2006 01:26 PM