June 02, 2006

The Secret of Drawing

Imagine - a tv documentary series about drawing.

The Secret of Drawing has been getting some buzz on the internet. It was broadcast in the UK in the fall of 2005 and has apparently been making the rounds via the internet. My setup is too low tech to access the whole program (wherever it is) and it has not made it's way in any other form to the USA, to my knowledge. But I would like to see the whole thing.

I was able to see this clip featuring Damiel Clowes, comics artist of "Ghost World" fame. I liked it, even if there was not enough about his actual *drawing*.

Have I mentioned lately that I believe that a strong discipline in drawing is very important to any artist... I admit it, I am something of a drawing zealot.

Speaking of which, the website for 'The Secret of Drawing' also has a link to a group called CamDraw - The Campaign for Drawing. I checked them out briefly. It's a great idea and they look very earnest and they look very eccentric - leave it to the Brits...

Posted by Tom at June 2, 2006 05:28 PM