August 04, 2008

AGG conference - Philly 2008

Currently on the road coming back from the east coast, with part of my travels being to participate in the American Glass Guild Conference 2008 in Cherry Hill, NJ. I was asked to be on the 'State of the Art" Panel, moderated by Judith Schaechter (who dubbed it 'The Autonomous Panel'), with fellow panelists Joseph Cavalieri and Ginger Ferrell.

The discussion was a frank, sometimes brutal, sometimes depressing but 'whine-free' assessment of the state of stained glass as an art today. More details on this and other things I saw at the conference over the coming days.

It was a great experience and wonderful to be with fellow stained glass enthusiasts, friends and colleagues, if only for the one day. I really wish I could have attended the entire conference.

[update August 19, 2008 - I am preparing some longer posts on the conference. Been too busy to finish them - they should come in the next few weeks]

Posted by Tom at August 4, 2008 10:10 AM