August 14, 2008

NYC Subway Cityscapes

Article in the NY Times today called Set in Glass, Artistís Ode to Bronx Life Is Acclaimed, touting the public art awards received for a series of stained glass panels designed by Daniel Hauber and fabricated in Dalle de Verre by Larry Gordon. There's also a NY Times blogpost about the same thing, with live links.

Mango Vendor
I like the way the black lines work into the shadows of the elevated rail.

The commission came from the surprisingly prolific Arts In Transit program in New York City. Check out the Permanent Art Section of the New York City Transit area and browse through the different commissions - a surprising number are in stained glass, almost always Dalle de Verre. There is some further background in a 1994 NY Times article called Raising Artistic Sights of Riders in Nether and Upper Regions.

The idea of the subway cityscape reminds me of these great abstracted cityscape windows at The Westchester Square-East Tremont station on the No. 6 East Side IRT line in the Bronx. Designed by Romare Bearden and fabricated by Benoit Gilsoul and Helmut Schardt.


Here is the same photo magnified to show the undulating lines and the glassiness of the faceted glass. Very nice.

Posted by Tom at August 14, 2008 07:54 AM