September 18, 2008

Wilhelmina Geddes Apollo Article

The first speaker I heard at the AGG Conference in August was Dr. Nicola Gordon Bowe, who spoke about Wilhelmina Geddes. Dr. Bowe mentioned at the conference that she has an article coming out about Wilhelmina Geddes in a future issue of Apollo Magazine. This week, I was pleasantly surprised to find the article is online - A Window With Punch.

Definitely worth checking out as it's a long article with images. The story involves a bit of controversy as well. Seems the new vicar didn't like the 'experimental' new window and had it removed to a less prominent part of the church, using rather strong language in the bargain, even referring to the 'hideous' and 'repulsive' St. Christopher carrying the 'Mongolian Christ Child'. Yikes.

St. Christopher with Christ Child
Detail of window for All Saints Church, Laleham, Surrey , 1926
Photo: Peter Cormack

For more on Wilhelmina Geddes, we'll have to wait for Dr. Bowe's book on Wilhemlina Geddes to come out in 2009. Looking forward to it...

Posted by Tom at September 18, 2008 12:52 PM