November 09, 2008

The Art of Making Glass - Lambert's

I've started a channel on YouTube called VitreosityInMotion for the various stained glass videos I might come across or make. No set plans right now, but many ideas...

This is the first video I've posted. It's called The Art of Making Glass - a promotional video that I received from S.A. Bendheim Glass at the 2004 SGAA conference. Seeing that I hardly ever make a panel that does not use Lambert's glass, I didn't think they would mind me posting it. The video shows the various stages of the cylinder method of making sheet glass.

Here's part 1, embedded -

part 2 - deals with flashed glass and shows the flattening process

part 3 - deals with making rondels and restoration glass

Posted by Tom at November 9, 2008 06:53 PM