July 31, 2009

American Glass Guild Conference 2009 Quick Highlights

Quick takes on the recent American Glass Guild Conference - 2009.
2 weeks ago and still a bit of a blur -

- The cab ride into Buffalo and how the conversation with the cabbie relates to stained glass in a funny/depressing way.

- Seeing old friends and colleagues, especially Dan and Nancy.

- Patrick Reyntiens - His great painted work, his good humor and the t-shirt trick (hopefully photos to follow).

- Lifetime Achievement award to Nick Parrendo - The testimonials in particular were very emotional.

- Ken Leap as Lawrence Saint. That is, Ken Leap dressed as Lawrence Saint in giving his talk on Lawrence Saint's quest to recreate medieval copper ruby glass. Ken gives the most professional, entertaining and informative talks of anyone.

- Suddenly being the head of a committee and elected to the board of directors for the AGG and feeling kind of.. huh?!?... but in a good way, I hope.

- Looking forward to Detroit in 2010, and really looking forward to Asheville in 2011.

Posted by Tom at July 31, 2009 09:59 AM