October 06, 2009


Steven Heller interviews Maurice Sendak for Time Out magazine. Just a part of the mad deluge of Sendak related events and articles surrounding the upcoming release of the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are. There is Wild Things Week in New York, including an exhibit at the Morgan Library Where the Wild Things Are: Original Drawings by Maurice Sendak.

I've written about Sendak a number of times on this blog. From my first confession about The Sendak Thing from March 2004, to Yes, I need Tuesday, with a link to an interview in Horn Book Magazine. There is also Sendak's Descent into Limbo Oct 2005 with a link to a video of him at MIT talking about We are All in The Dumps With Jack and Guy, perhaps my favorite 'Late Sendak' work. Also, Sendak in NYC, centered on an exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York, and Sendak on NPR, from June 2005. Amazingly, all the links I tried are still live.

I must admit I am very skeptical about the movie, from the trailer and the featurette and the movies I've seen by Spike Jonze. I didn't much like 'Being John Malcovich' (great idea that falls apart in the second half), and liked 'Adaptation' even less.

Still, the marketing campaign for 'Wild Things' has been pretty interesting, especially the blogs like Terrible Yellow Eyes, a blog of 'Wild Things' inspired artwork, and Spike Jonze's own blog about the movie of Wild Things called We Love You So.

[update October 13, 2009 - via Michael Sporn's animation 'splog' - The best Sendak Mania website for images of Sendak sketches is at the Animazing Gallery website, which has a page of art from an exhibit called Sendak in Soho. Very nice stuff.]

Posted by Tom at October 6, 2009 11:10 AM