November 07, 2009

Salem Stained Glass on UNC-TV

Just appearing on YouTube today is this video about Salem Stained Glass, produced by Our State Magazine and shown on UNC-TV.

Serious flashbacks for me since this is the studio I worked for from 2001-2004, most of that time as production manager. Basically, I helped them move from their older smaller location in Winston-Salem to the new larger facility you see in the video. I also set up the computer generated design part of the business. You can see in the video that the designs are in Adobe Illustrator, my preferred computer software for stained glass design. They are probably still doing variations on designs I initially set up 5 years ago. The plotter was not there in my time, though I wish it had been.

Good people doing good works. Nice to see them getting some good professional quality PR.

Posted by Tom at November 7, 2009 09:39 AM