November 29, 2009


For many years I've heard there was a unique set of stained glass windows in a Moscow Metro station. I vaguely remember seeing a few images in a magazine article, with little information. What I heard was intriguing, but there was nothing to follow up on.

This video popped up on YouTube recently and, although an amateur video and not specifically about the stained glass, it does give a sense of how the stained glass is experienced in this space. This is the Moscow Metro station Novoslobodskaya, opened in January of 1952. The architect was Alexey Dushkin and the artist was Pavel Korin.

This video, plus the wikipedia entries and the Flickr pictures, fill in only a few more bits. I suspect there is still a larger story to be told. The biggest and most obvious question being - How could something this ornate and colorful come about in the darkest and grayest period of Stalinist Soviet rule?

photos from SergeyRod's Moscow subway Flickr set






Posted by Tom at November 29, 2009 08:55 PM