March 06, 2010

Artist Brian Clarke talks about Glass and Light

This is short, less than 2 minutes, but interesting. I'd never seen an interview with Brian Clarke before and so it's interesting to see him and hear his words.

Brian Clarke is one of those big name stained glass artists whose work I've heard of for a long time and seen lots of pictures of, but have mixed feelings about. He does mostly large-scale abstract works for secular spaces. That's all well and good, but the images I've seen all seem a bit dull and corporate to me. Still, I'm keeping an open mind until I see an actual work of his. I tried, about 2 years ago, as I was driving through Connecticut, to see his Stamford Cone, located at the headquarters building of the Swiss Banking Corporation, but I couldn't find it. I even asked several locals for directions but none of them had heard of it. Some day.

Guess I should've checked Google Maps more carefully. or Google Street View

Posted by Tom at March 6, 2010 10:45 AM