February 10, 2011

Photographic Images on Glass Workshop

The workshop went great, with a diverse group of people (scientist, architect, photographer, glass flameworker and more), very interesting. Sometimes the groups just click, and this one did for sure. Thanks to Craft Alliance and all the participants.

I only got the one shot of the workshop taking place in the graphics studio, but I had some shots of the studio a few months ago. It is really nice to have a fully functioning computer graphics studio included in with such excellent craft facilities.




The following were taken on Sunday during the workshop at the Glass Studio on Delmar.

Jill, Leslie, David and Joe, the architect who also works in stained glass.

Sarah's work station (with colorful tape)

Pieces pre-fire

And post-fire -
the 2 on the right, which I think came out exceptionally well, are from David the photographer.

Sarah and Leslie

and this is the piece Sarah (she's the scientist) was working on. She is the one who got most into the idea of post print blending.

Posted by Tom at February 10, 2011 09:08 AM