May 13, 2012

Seven Days of Sendak - 4 - Books

Maurice Sendak wrote and/or illustrated about 100 books in his 65 year career. After Sendak's death last week I gathered all the Sendak I have and I've got about 30 or so of his books. They favor the more obscure ones, though I do have a copy of Where The Wild Things Are as well.

Surprisingly, there is no good comprehensive bibliography of Sendak's works that I could find on the web. There is good bibliographic list on his Wikipedia page. but there are only links to a few of the more famous books. To my knowledge Sendak never sanctioned a website of his work. The Rosenbach Library, which is the official repository of his works, does have many small treats on their website but not a big comprehensive, visual bibliography. In time, I hope.

My Vintage Book Collection in blog Form's Tribute to Maurice Sendak - Note the links on the page to scans of some of the more obscure individual books like I'll be You and You Be Me and Hector Protector.

Posted by Tom at May 13, 2012 04:55 PM