September 27, 2012

RIP Betty MacDowell, Stained Glass Archivist

Sad to learn of the death of Betty MacDowell, who was the Co-Director of the Michigan Stained Glass Census at Michigan State University Museum, and was well known to many as the List Editor for H-Stained-Glass, a discussion forum on architectural stained glass.
She was not a stained glass artist herself but served the community well. If stained glass is to survive in the midst of rapid cultural changes and even faster technological developments, we would do well to nurture, foster and give praise to those who take the time to archive the work done in all aspects of stained glass, past and present. The Michigan Census and the H-Net forum fostered community, communication and the full and free dissemination of information, all things sorely needed in the field of stained glass in the 21st century. Betty's dedication will be missed.

Posted by Tom at September 27, 2012 12:41 PM