January 15, 2004

Michelli Stained Glass website

Some time ago I came across an interesting site that is makes for a good intro to stained glass techniques - it is basically a list of links to other sites, with descriptions of what is to be found. Some links are better than others -
but here it is --->The "Art History with Michelli" page on Stained Glass (link updated 12/2005)

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January 09, 2004

Another Stained Glass Blog

Happy New Year! Much to write about and not much time to write. I did come across another blog related to stained glass known as 'Stained glass, food and anything else that catches my eye blog'. This is related to a site - Stained Glass Photography - that (as it name implies) contains many photos of stained glass. The William Morris section is especially full.

Posted by Tom at 12:33 PM