October 28, 2004

Busy days...

Many ideas for entries and no time to flesh them out. I've been busy nonstop on a new commission, a floral panel, which is overdue. I have made the time to update my website. I've added some of the pieces completed in the last 2 years and added a page for pieces that are available for purchase.

Posted by Tom at 03:45 PM

October 05, 2004

Missouri Stained Glass

Having moved this summer to St. Louis, Missouri, I figured I would do some homework on stained glass in the area. Luckily, I found, in a local St. Louis bookstore, the book "Gospels in Glass - Stained Glass in Missouri Churches". Then I recently found out there is a related website that has some images from that book, by the authors. It's good to read of the background history of stained glass and stained glass studios in St. Louis. Of course, I'd be interested to see the secular work as well. There seems to be a fair amount of it, especially in the older buildings.

Posted by Tom at 12:19 AM