January 30, 2011

Rare Visions Online

Way back in my first ever post on Bottle Walls and Houses, I mentioned that I first heard about Bottle Houses from a TV series on outsider art. That TV show, Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations, finally has some full episodes online. How long the episodes will remain online, I'm not sure, but here is one embedded, with a link to more. This episode contains 2 bottle sites. One is the early Bottle house site in Ryholite, NV - the Tom Kelly House. Not much to see, but it's one of the most historically important since it's one of the most intact early bottle houses. The other bottle site, Thunder Mountain Monument, in Imlay NV, gives some juicy and tantalizing glimpses of very stained glassy bottle wall interiors. This segment is a good illustration of the kind of images I saw that made me start researching bottle walls and houses.

Open up the video in a window at this address -
or see the embedded video below the fold.

Watch more episodes. Official website at Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations.

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January 29, 2011

One week to Photo Transfer Workshop

My unannounced 2 month sabbatical from blogging is at an end. After 7 years of regular blogging, I think I just needed a break. I've also been busy with more work for the AGG, plus I've been preparing for the Photo Transfer Workshop at Craft Alliance. I'm really excited about the idea of doing a full hands-on "Photoshop for Stained Glass" workshop in a real computer lab back-to-back with a Thermal Screenprinting for Stained Glass" workshop in a fully equipped glass studio. It's rare to have a facility that can accommodate that. Kudos to Craft Alliance.


So, the workshop starts next Saturday, and I think there are still 1 or 2 spaces left. Go to the Craft Alliance Workshop Page to register.

Photographic Images on Glass with Tom Krepcio

3104 Feb 5 & 6 Sat & Sun 1-5P
Tuition: $ 120 Members: $108
Materials & Lab Fee: $30
Learn to print photographic images on to flat glass pieces.

Day 1 is in the computer lab at the Grand Center location
Day 2 is in the glass studio at the Delmar location.

First Day: You will scan photos and process them for screenprinting using Adobe Photoshop. Tom will teach you what constitutes a good image for transferring to glass, what are halftone patterns and how to create them and then make a simple Thermal screen to use on Day 2. Please bring a variety of photos. Some knowledge of Macintosh computers is desirable and some familiarity with Photoshop is helpful, but not essential.

Second Day: You will be in the Glass studio at the Delmar Location. The screens created on Saturday will be used to screen vitreous enamel paint onto glass. Methods of manipulating screened paint will also be explored. The pros and cons of alternative methods will also be discussed. Prior work with glass is helpful, but not required. All pieces will be fired and ready for pick-up 1 week after the workshop.

As a preview for those attending, this is a draft of one the handouts, on the ThermoFax Machine (opens a 1.6 mb pdf fie in a new window).


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