March 31, 2011

Ely cathedral on YouTube

CU-TV Art in Cambridge: Ely Cathedral

CU-TV presents Art in Cambridge. In this instalment we venture just outside of town to visit Ely Cathedral. The curator of the stained glass museum, Sarah Robertson, joins us to talk about works from the collection.

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March 30, 2011

How To Steal Like An Artist

A nice blog post by poet Austin Kleon - How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me). Good advice. While you're there check out his "Newspaper Blackout" poetry. Great idea.

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March 28, 2011

20th century modernist stained glass

midcenturia has 2 blog posts about 20th century modernist stained glass

Modernist Stained Glass I
Modernist Stained Glass II

Kinda random, but nice.

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March 26, 2011

Lego Stained Glass Group

who knew?

Lego Stained Glass Flickr Group
Yes, that is a Flickr group of people making 'stained glass windows' out of transparent Legos.

One of the more interesting ones -
"Creation, Day Four: The Sun & The Moon" Lego Mosaic

More interesting than most seeing that it is based on an existing window, by Aidan MacRae Thompson -
Sun & Moon, from a sequence of six small windows Aidan designed and made for a church in England in the late 1990's.

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March 24, 2011

Uroboros Video

Video called "The World of Uroboros", from The EdHoy YouTube channel, with some nice shots throughout of the process of making hand-rolled glass sheets.

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March 07, 2011

Art Phag - Judith Schaechter

Video Profile of Judith Schaechter

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March 05, 2011

Roz McKenzie Glass Designer Blog

Found this recently in the links on J. Kenneth Leap's blog Painted Window -

Roz McKenzie Glass Designer, a blog active from June 2009 to November 2010.

Her statement -

I am a young Scottish artist who has recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art where I studied glass design. I won a scholship (sic) called the Award for Excellence with the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and so this year I will be involved in their training program. It's a massive opportunity to learn more about my art form and I'm very greatful for it.

There is much of interest here, especially in her travels and workings in several studios in Europe. She used her scholarship to work in studios like Derix, Glasmalerei Peters, Chapel Studio, Lincon Cathedral, and more. A pretty amazing snapshot of contemporary stained glass studios in Europe, and it makes for fascinating reading. Start from the beginning and take your time. It's worth it.

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