November 13, 2003

A few sites of interest

One of the reasons I am interested in doing this blog is to point out sites of interest as they relate to stained glass, contemporary and historical. There are not many good sites related to stained glass and not that much really good contemporary stained glass being produced out there. All the more important to point to the good stuff when I see it on the web.

My personal interest lies in work that is both traditional and progressive. My taste in stained glass, like my work in stained glass, is stylistically eclectic. The "style" of a given work is not as important as the particular idea involved and how that idea is executed into glass.

One of the better sites for Romanesque or Gothic work is this for the 12th century windows at St. Denis in Paris. It's an academic site notable for having detailed diagrams showing what has been restored and what is original. I have spent long periods of time going through this site.

For contemporary stained glass, I like the work of and the website for John K. Clark. I think it's the variety of his work and and the quality of execution that appeals to me most.

Finally, some links related to one of the best books on stained glass to come out in the past few years, Painting on Light by Barbara Butts and Lee Hendrix. The book is also available through Amazon. Note that the Getty Museum site has a small but impressive online Exhibition for Painting on Light.

Posted by Tom at November 13, 2003 11:11 PM