September 27, 2004

The stained glass of Gottried Von Stockhausen

When I was in Boston in June, I got to see some books featuring the stained glass of Gottried Von Stockhausen. Alice's husband Paul had just picked them up in Germany. I am unsure of availability in the USA but they are very nice books. One on purely autonomous work and the other on architectural work. I think I like the autonomous work a bit better (I tend to in general). But it was all very good stuff.

Could not find much on the web. A site with some pictures, and a bio (in German).

It's nice to be able to rethink the assumptions of the last 25-30 years regarding the 'German School' of stained glass. It is easy to get the impression that ALL German work of the last 40 years was of the Meisterman/Schaffrath/Schreiter line. Much of that work I find cold and uncompelling. This makes the expressive figural work of Stockhausen that much more unique. Even more so considering that he produced a large amount of work and that it goes back several decades.

Posted by Tom at September 27, 2004 04:31 PM