September 30, 2004

James Carpenter, MacArthur Fellow

Not sure if anyone noticed this one. James Carpenter, a glass artist, was one of those who won a MacArthur Grant, commonly known as the "Genius" grants. James Carpenter is really more of an architect who specializes in incorporating glass into architecture in innovative ways, rather than a 'glass artist' (the NPR website refers to him as a 'glass technologist'). Still, his work is well known. I have heard him speak more than once and his presentations are impressive.

Unfortunately. the only piece of his that I have seen was a big disappointment. The convention center in Charlotte NC has a sort-of skylight piece of his that I believe I heard him talk about some 10 years ago. Impressive descriptions of how the light would project somewhere and make a moving kind of light show, etc etc. But the actual piece is almost impossible to see in the building and doesn't seem to be doing much more than be a slightly odd looking skylight. I hope and trust that this was just an earlier work and that his more recent stuff is as impressive as his presentations.

Of course, It may be that his style is a bit too minimalist for my taste.

Posted by Tom at September 30, 2004 01:25 AM