February 28, 2005

Kirkwood First Presbyterian Glass

I'm going to try to document some of the glass I see over the next few months in the St. Louis area, focusing on what makes an impression. Not necessarily what is the biggest or even the best, but what is of interest to me at the moment. The small corners and little details.

First up is Kirkwood First Presbyterian Church, right across from my local public library.

The large area of glass is above the altar.
Bold black line painting, little or no tonal painting and bright primary colors.
The colors are a bit hot for my taste.

Still, I like the side aisle windows, small (about a sqaure foot each), each designating one christian symbol. There are a number of them along the wall on east wall. Of course, I always like the little panels best...

I especially like this rather languid looking ox with wings, a symbol for St. Luke - lacaoniccowFULL1web.jpg
and a detail

Posted by Tom at February 28, 2005 02:44 PM