May 18, 2007

Church of England Stained Glass Artists

This link was making the rounds recently on the usual SG forums - ChurchArt, from the Church of England

One page specifically features Contemporary English Stained Glass artists. It's unusual and interesting to see a grouping like this as it gives a rare snapshot of contemporary stained glass design, even though I know it's far from a complete list, even of British Stained Glass artists. There is certainly no web equivalent for U.S. SG artists.

Sad to report that there are quite a lot of dull designs being put forth these days. Of all the artists represented here, I still like the work of Frans Wesselman the most. I think what I like most is the directness, the simple representational imagery, and the gentle quiet expression. Nice and unusual work.

Posted by Tom at May 18, 2007 11:06 AM