May 24, 2007

John Hayward (1929-2007)

Heard on the forums that English stained glass artist John Hayward passed away this past week. I have to admit that I'd heard of him in name only and didn't know his work. So I searched and I came across these nice images of one of his windows and thought that it would be nice to pass it along. Curiously though, I also came across this short lived John Hayward blog as well.

I found the images in a Flickr set called Church Art by AndrewTaylor1 who is a painter and also does stained glass work.

The subject is St. Michael vanquishing Lucifer. The window is located at St.Peter & St.Paulís, which is the Parish Church of Somborne with Ashley situated at the heart of the village of Kingís Somborne in Hampshire, England.

Having a highly colored stylized scene within a clear glass grid was a signature design approach by Hayward. Nice use of the yellow silverstain to provide a soft, but bright and glowing edge around the whole scene.




Posted by Tom at May 24, 2007 08:48 AM