July 09, 2010

Photo Emulsion and ThermoFax Machine Videos

As a preview for my workshop at the American Glass Guild Conference in Detroit in 2 weeks, I've gathered these YouTube videos that demonstrate various methods for photo transfer screen-printing. Though all of these are for screenprinting on fabric, the procedures for making the actual screens are the same if you are printing on glass.

The method that I will be using is 'thermal screenprinting'. You can read about that on my blog post from 2008 called Tools of the Trade 2 - Screenprinting, and here is the brief video I did for that blog post.

5 more videos below the fold...

Photo Emulsion Screenprinting

This video shows what might be called the "traditional" photo emulsion screen making method, where a photo sensitive emulsion coats a screen, then is exposed to light and washed out with water. Note that this is how it's done on the cheap.

Another video showing the photo emulsion method, only showing a more common way of doing this process, using dedicated exposure units and more robust washout equipment. The vast majority of t-shirt printing is done using this screenprinting method.

ThermoFax Screenprocessing

You don't really need to see the whole thing, just the little bit showing her feeding the material into the machine (sped up for no reason) from around 00:12 to 00:55

This shows another person making a screen on a thermofax machine.

This gives an idea of how free form you can go with the thermal screens. I've done this kind of thing on my glass work, where I have a loose screen and apply the paint more improvisationally.

Posted by Tom at July 9, 2010 07:39 AM