May 16, 2012

Seven Days of Sendak - 7- Humor

One thing that people do forget about Sendak, especially in his final years when he was so dark and curmudgeonly, is that he could be very funny. I find The Nutshell Library one of his funniest books. I also like the more obscure, and some (in Tennessee anyway) would say obscene book, I Saw Esau. Check them out.

Meanwhile, though this has gotten enormous coverage on the internet following Sendak's death, there is the appearance by Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report (goes to my original post on the original Colbert Report Appearance, with embeds there). Plus here is some additional footage on The Colbert Report Maurice Sendak Tribute from the day he died. They make for a curious, but hilarious epitaph to the life of Maurice Sendak.

Posted by Tom at May 16, 2012 12:22 AM