May 22, 2012

Let There Be Light Kickstarter Campaign Last Days


Been terribly busy or I would have posted this sooner.

Peter Swanson's Let There Be Light Kickstarter campaign, raising money for the filmmaker to finish his documentary on Rowan LeCompte.

It's only 3 days to go and he still has to raise $7000, so I suspect all interested will be putting on the full court press to try to raise the extra money.

It may be a little too late to implement this but I do have one suggestion that might help. I seem to remember Swanson mentioning a figure in one of his promos of editing the film down from more than 80 hours of footage. If this is true then it seems logical that he has at least a few hours, perhaps many, of raw interview footage with Rowan.

I would suggest he offer another level of reward with that raw interview footage on DVD as a reward. It doesn't seem like that would be too expensive to compile, but it would be of real interest to places like archives, and even some individuals. The more footage the better and price it in the $500-700 range. I think there would be some interest, however specialized. Who knows, it could just provide that extra last minute juice to help it go over the top.

In any case, Best of Luck Peter!

Posted by Tom at May 22, 2012 11:55 AM