December 25, 2005

more Flickr-ing

Browsing Flickr on this day off of work... searching the 'stainedglass' tag, now over 5,600 images!

there is not a full shot of this - only this enigmatic closeup.

...also came across this rather unusual Christ child - again no full window shot

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December 15, 2005

Cappy Thompson

I've always liked the work of Cappy Thompson. I just came across the page for her Seattle Tacoma Airport Window, "I was Dreaming of Spirit Animals". You have to look at the installation slide show to get a full sense of the scale of the project. I'm not sure I like the trend of enamel painting on float glass, but the panel comes off well in the slide show.


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December 11, 2005

Images on Flickr from new SG Gallery at the V&A

There are some particularly good images at the flickr site for tylluan - who also keeps the blog stained beauty. The images were shot at the new exhibit space for "Sacred Silver and Stained Glass" at the Victoria and Albert Museum (most often referred to as the 'V&A') in London, England.
Images include this wonderful Harry Clarke detail -
[update - you can see the full image at the V&A site].

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December 03, 2005

Michelli Updated

I got a note from Pippin Michelli, Ph.D of Art History with Michelli that the Stained Glass History section has lots of updated links and new sites it's linking to. I had noted this site almost 2 years ago and it remains one of the best and most varied sites for stained glass links I've come across.

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