August 26, 2006

Flickring sign

While I'm trying to get everything into the new studio (one more weekend?!) I came across this on Flickr. I'll just take it as a sign in the midst of difficult times...


Flickr now has a group for 'stained glass'. I may join when things settle down a bit. I am surprised to see that there are already over 500 members. The photos certainly present lots of good stuff for your basic stained glass junkie, especially all the details. Yum.

Posted by Tom at 02:05 AM

August 03, 2006

New Studio Forthcoming

I was away for a few weeks working in the Boston area (and resting a little on the Connecticut shore). I have much to post about from this trip and I still have some thoughts about the GAS conference....BUT... that has to wait as I'm currently moving into a new studio space and all my free time is being consumed by that. I am excited about it, something I haven't had in awhile, a nice live/work space. More as this develops...

some pictures - "before"

Posted by Tom at 12:19 AM