July 23, 2010

American Glass Guild Conference 2010 1

No time to go in depth, but I'm in the midst of the 2010 American Glass Guild Conference, in Detroit, Michigan.

From the workshop on Thursday

and one tiny glimpse of the first day of the conference - a lovely little detail with the signature from a Connick window in St. Paul's Cathedral.

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July 20, 2010

AGG 2010 Conference

The mad dash is on to get ready for the American Glass Guild Conference happening this week in Detroit. Michigan. I've got the last of the packing done now and then I'm off tomorrow early am.... then teaching a workshop, and moderating a panel, and preparing another newsletter for August, and maybe even doing some relaxing and trying to enjoy the company of stained glass colleagues.

Last minute info can be seen at the 2010 AGG Conference website.

You could also download the 2010 American Glass Guild Conference Program, as a sneak peek. Note that it will open up a 6.6mb pdf file in a new window.


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July 09, 2010

Photo Emulsion and ThermoFax Machine Videos

As a preview for my workshop at the American Glass Guild Conference in Detroit in 2 weeks, I've gathered these YouTube videos that demonstrate various methods for photo transfer screen-printing. Though all of these are for screenprinting on fabric, the procedures for making the actual screens are the same if you are printing on glass.

The method that I will be using is 'thermal screenprinting'. You can read about that on my blog post from 2008 called Tools of the Trade 2 - Screenprinting, and here is the brief video I did for that blog post.

5 more videos below the fold...

Photo Emulsion Screenprinting

This video shows what might be called the "traditional" photo emulsion screen making method, where a photo sensitive emulsion coats a screen, then is exposed to light and washed out with water. Note that this is how it's done on the cheap.

Another video showing the photo emulsion method, only showing a more common way of doing this process, using dedicated exposure units and more robust washout equipment. The vast majority of t-shirt printing is done using this screenprinting method.

ThermoFax Screenprocessing

You don't really need to see the whole thing, just the little bit showing her feeding the material into the machine (sped up for no reason) from around 00:12 to 00:55

This shows another person making a screen on a thermofax machine.

This gives an idea of how free form you can go with the thermal screens. I've done this kind of thing on my glass work, where I have a loose screen and apply the paint more improvisationally.

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July 08, 2010

Cavalieri & Crumb - First Look

First glimpses of a very interesting project - Cavalieri & Crumb - as seen in The Brooklyn Paper

via creative commons - by Joseph Cavalieri, cavaglass.com

I've long thought that collaborations between 'stained glass artists' and 'comics artists' would yield some very unique and forward thinking results, so it's good to see some trying out the idea.

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July 01, 2010

Bendheim Art Glass

Bendheim Glass has a new website for Bendheim Art Glass, which is basically their stained glass or, perhaps more accurately, their artsy architectural glass division.

Check out their fancy new "The Art of Making Glass" brochure (48 page pdf file, 3.9mb).
Very nicely done.

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